Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My New Apron

As I have been stating in previous posts, I am still new to the whole "suzy homemaker" title. Its some scarey ground to step into, but I am finally ready to start experiencing it more. I am ready to try new recipe's without any hesitation or questioning. I also want to learn how to clean better; because, it always seems like mom knows every trick to the trade, and I would like to be just like that. So, I will be taking it little by little, and marking my experience here on the blog.

Mom has suggested going to the website called, but it seems as though I always get overwhelmed when I step into that site. If anyone has advice on how to take that site by the bull, let me know. I would also like some suggestions on other websites or books that will be helpful to me.

I am very interested in learning to cook more meals from scratch; however, I do not want to learn anymore unhealthy meals. Everything will be healthy from here on out. Although that brings some disappoint on the husbands end, he will just have to get over it. I have seen way to many Biggest Loser episodes to scare me for dear life. I think everyone should watch at least one season, and I swear to you, it will change your life.

When I start preparing these new meals, I will be working with a gas stove and oven. I absolutely love my gas appliances and will not trade them for anything. I know with the help of this appliance, I will get much better tasting food, but I will have to learn all over again when I move back to that states. Most houses in the states come with electric now, and I know I will say a few words when I step foot in front of one of those. I will eventually beg the husband a thousand times until I get a replacement of the electric stove, but I know I will have to suffer for awhile. [Argh]

When cleaning, I will start using things I can only get at the Commissary here on post. I am limited to only a few choices, but i figure it is better than trying to go to Emisfero, and trying to read what kind of cleaners they have.

Alright, I think thats about it. Oh yea...While I was in Italy, my goal was to purchase my very first apron. A couple of weekends ago, I found it! They were even able to stitch my name and Italia on it for me within two minutes! I absolutely adore it, and it goes perfectly with my Red Kitchen. See, don't I just look too cute?

** By the way, I have become a pro at working the self-timer on my camera. I took this picture myself!**

Can't wait to get started, and hopefully Gregg will be impressed when he comes home at the end of the year! Until next time, later!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Fine Day

Have you ever been up so early to see the flower van delivering bundles of flowers to flower shops? Have you been up so early to see people riding to work on their bicycles? What about people delivering milk in glass bottles on front door steps? Well, I got to see all of that today. It was so nice to step outside around 08:00 in the morning and see people having fun as they start their day. And, I think you could only get that in Italy. It made me think...I need to stop rolling over in my bed moaning that morning has arrived. I need to get up and greet the day like these folks did. Just looking at the Italians perform their duties while fresh air blew through my hair as I drove down the street put a smile on my face. I was so thankful I got to see this remarkable event happen, and in Italy for goodness sake! I am truely blessed, and wish I could share the experience.

And why was I up on this day, and not other days? Well, today was beauty day for Jack! He got cleaned, cut, and shaved. I love the soft hair he gets after he is groomed, but sometimes the perfume that gets sprayed on him is a little overwhelming for me. And please answer this for me...why do the groomers here feel like every dog needs to look like a girl?

The bow is just a bit much for me to take! So, it gets taken off as soon as we get home.
I am deprived being over in Italy of all my reality shows, and it really does bug me. [Yes, I know...Sad] However, I have finally found a website that will let me watch all of my shows for free. And no, does not work over here..already tried. So, I have been occupied for the past couple days catching up on Kendra, The Hills, and my favorite, Army Wives.

Work was the usual today, but also nice to get back into the swing of things since I kinda had a four day weekend. I also got a jump on my skill level training. I am now at level three, and once I complete that I will be able to obtain another raise which is always nice! So, I have six months to buckle down, and finish 9 months worth of paperwork. Do you think I can do it? I sure hope so!!
Tonight also added to my fine day because Gregg called! It's always nice to finish my day with some catching up with the husband. We had a lot to discuss, but it all turned out great. He mentioned he could really use a home cooked meal right about now, and it made me feel good because it showed that he really misses home. I asked him if he could have any home cooked meal right now what would it be, and I swear to you, it always the same answer: steak, spinach, and mashed potatoes. That is a true man's meal, and I have nothing wrong with it cause...he has to do half of the cooking! I also told him when he comes home one leave that we need to go to the Italian market here, buy some crab, and cook it ourselves. We have never done it ourselves before, so if anyone has a good recipe...please pass it our way. I also bought some crab pokers I am dying to try, its already on the itinery.

School is finally getting better, and I am actually enjoying Computer Ethics now. I really just needed to spend a little bit more time on it, and it finally grew on me. My homework tonight in the class was to discuss what personal information was? and what does the fourth amendment protect us from? The answer to the second question was outstanding on my end because I went all day with the answer. I just hope the teacher agrees! As for Writing, there is nothing fun about it, but what writing class is? My first paper is a proposal paper on why business's have to test you on personality skills, and do the tests really show true answers? I remember I had to take an integrity test when I applied for Build-A-Bear. It was the last step in the hiring process. And how did that end? I did not get hired, but I feel as though I have enough integrity. I think tests are dumb! [ha!]

Anyways, that was my day! I hope everyone is having a Happy Tuesday, and if you aren't, I hope tomorrow is different for you. Until next time....oh, don't forget to leave a crab recipe...later!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Direction

Calling All Readers:

Hi everyone! I hope eveveryone is having a great start to their weekend. My weekend starts with work, ugh! Whoever thought it was a good idea to work Saturdays needs a check in the brain! Anyways, thats not why I am here. I am here to get some ideas, and believe me, they are desperately needed. I am wanting to change the look this blog has right now along with a few other things. The header is where your expertise is needed! I am having writer's block, and can't think of something short and catchy to have as the title.

Please help in coming up with some ideas for me...
You can either leave me a comment here, email me at, or leave me a FB message. There is no excuse on not being able to contact me..So, get to thinking!...please.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Lack of Motivation

I have come so far this year on my goal, and I wouldn't change one bit. As everyone has noticed, my goal was to reach the weight I was when I arrived to italy in January of 2009. I have reached it, but lately I have been having some difficulty. I went through a period of time where I was having some trouble dealing with the time period I had to go without being with Gregg. I have noticed my eating habits have changed, and I am no longer finding the time to workout. It has all ended. I wish I could get that little thing called motivation back that I had before. My ending period to my goal is in one month, and I feel like I need encouragement to get back there.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think I look great! I just don't want my bad eating habits to stay, and I end up right back where I was at the beginning of this year.

Now, can you help me get that little thing called "motivation" back? I need, and fast!

Thanks to everyone that helped out in the beginning. You guys helped me in more ways than one, and I am forever grateful! I will keep you guys posted on the way its going...maybe, a mornign run will do me good! Until next time, later!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Ahhhh Freak Out!"

I had my very first freak out in a very long time, and I need to vent a little more about it.

Tonight, I turned downt the chance to go see Sinbad at the Arena with some friends. I did that, so I could come home and get some homework done which I was a little behind in. {**And by the way, I don't understand how I am behind because it feels like I am always doing homework!**}

So, I cook myself some dinner [hamburger], and then settle into my computer desk to start. I finish my first class [Computer Ethics] in record time! I was so proud to know that I have that class finished until Monday.

However, when I moved onto my other class [Writing] I found out some horrible news. First, I realized I had the wrong book...Oh no! Then, I realized I was taking the wrong Writing class!! I am taking Writing 291 when I should be taking Writing 391! So, my first thing to do was react...I emailed my teacher stating the issue, and then I checked my academics path sheet to see how this class would work out in my planned outline. Apparently, Writing 291 is required for my degree, but a previous class taken at the Universit of Memphis transferred to replace the actual class. So, the only other option...Elective. I can't believe I am going to be taking a Writing class as an Elective!!! The class had already started, and its already paid for, so I can't just stop now. I ordered the book, and I am hoping my teacher will be nice and help me out a bit! [Please pray that she does!]

So, in order to calm down; I cried, I took Jack outside, I cleaned my stove top to bottom, and straightened up all around the house. I couldn't shake the frustration nerve that was buliding up inside of me. I still have a little just writing this entry post. Anyways...

The peeling process on my body is almost done. A co-worker mentioned that I put milk on my skin, so that is what I did. It is slowly going down, and I will be able to wear make-up again soon. Thanks to everyone that thought about me this week. It was definitely a live and you learn process. I will start to post pictures of Malta on my Facebook pretty soon; and I might just limit to a couple on here. Who knows?

Also, does anyone have any book titles they don't mind suggesting? I am not a big mystery or science fiction fan, so please do not list those. I am kind of interesting in reading the book called, "Eat, Pray, Love." Has anyone read that yet, and if so, how was it?

Nothing else new here..thanks for listening. Until next time, later!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Question of the Day: Face Peeling

Okay, so I got sun burned in Malta. Who cares? Well, I do because it was all over my body; especially my face! I have been putting moisturizer on it constantly, but the peeling has begun.

So, my question is: Do you know a better way to keep the peeling to a minimum?
Right now, its getting a bit rediculous, and I am getting tired of the double takes.

In other news; I got a call from the hubster while I was at work today. I went about 4 1/2 weeks without hearing from him, so the call definitely made my day. I also laughed out loud today when I was by myself. That is something I have not been able to do in a really long time. So, I guess you can say the phone call made a big impact on my attitude!

The pictures are still reeling in from my tip to Malta, so can you please hold on just a bit longer? If you would like to check out some sneak peaks, you can always go to my Facebook page and see some pictures I am tagged in. And remember, I am still young and able to do anything I want, and if clubbing is on that to-do list, then so be it! I love dancing, and I don't think anyone can take that away from me!

Also, my friend Dana's husband was able to find some P90X videos for cheap for me, so I am pretty excited about that! I have been on a high ever since I went to that workout with Tony. They should be in my mail box very soon, and I can wait to get my butt moving! Thanks Michael!! [you are pretty awesome!]

Well, hopefully some of you guys have some insight for me on the whole question of the day! Please leave a reply here if you have any tips! I guess that is about it; until next time, later!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Catching Up

I am back from Malta, and I had a blast! However, I am not here to talk about that just yet. [Sorry!] I need to update you on what happened at the house before I left for Malta. A couple days before my trip, a high school peer stopped in my city to visit me after she finished her study abroad class in Florence, Italy. Her name is Mary, and we were close our freshmen year of high school. After that, we kind of went our different ways with friends. Anyways, the weekend she came to visit, we got to catch up and introduce each other to our new lives. I had fun showing her around my city, and exploring the cities around me.

I went to the train station to pick her up, and this bike area is a main area you will see when you pull up to the train station. I call this "bike heaven." It seems like its the place where all bikes go to die. I love seeing it, and watching more bikes appear everytime I pass.

We took a trip to Venice, Italy which is only 45 minutes away from my house because she has never been, and wanted to go. This was my 5th time going, but I can always find shopping reasons to go to Venice. Here are some pictures to mark our adventure:

This top left picture is the Realto bridge, and the bottom left is the San Marco basilica. You will find both of these places in many movies, such as, Just Married with Ashton Kutcher and Brittney Murphy.

Another day, I took her to my favorite spot in Vicenza, Italy...and that is, Monte Berico. I love it because it is always so quiet when you go up there, and you can overlook the entire city. In these next pictures, you will be able to see the view and the church that sits on top of the mountain.
Mary had to leave that Tuesday, and taking her to the airport, I was able to conquer one thing..and that was, the Autostrada!! YAY! I knew I could always do the autosrada, but never really wanted to because its a tad bit intimidating. For those who don't understand the autostrada...its like an interstate, but you have to be going 85mph or faster.
Now, check back at some point in time to see the Malta update. Right now, we are still in the process of gathering everyone's pictures [which is like 400+] and then I will have to sort through them and pick which ones I would actually want to post on here. So, stay tuned! Until next time, later!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Sometimes, You Just Need To Get Away With The Girls"

"Sometimes, You Just Need To Get Away With The Girls." - SATC2!

A lot has been going lately in my life, such as, final exams, new classes, work, company at the house, and more. I wanted to update you guys on all those things before my next trip, but it seems as though I could not find the time considering I wanted to make sure ALL my homework was completed so I would not have to worry about it on my vacation. Hopefully when I get back, my world won't be too much conjested that I can sneak a post in here or two.

Life is good though, with the exception of a few drama episodes. However, you have to have those when you live the military life. I am just so excited I will be able to escape Vicenza and not think about it. Also, I have not talked to Gregg in four weeks after tomorrow, so that has been stressing me out. So, this trip is coming at a great time to get away and relieve some built up stress. Its not Gregg's fault he has not been able to contact me. Where his new area of station is at in Afghanistan, they did not have interent; therefore, could not contact me. They have it up and running now, but 8 hour gaurd shifts and other silly list tasks has left no free time for him. I am not sure I am liking this new place considering I went almost everyday or every other day of talking to him to 1 month of in between conversations. Oh well! He has told other people to tell me he is fine and thta he misses me, so that always makes my heart skip a beat. I just can't wait until the conversation I actually get to have with him.

Enough rambling...Now, I will be missing for the next 4 days!
I am going to Malta, Malta, Malta!!!

It will be 7 of us girls taking a plane to the beautiful island of Malta. Everytime I mention this place to someone, they always ask, "Where is Malta?" Well, It is an Island south of Italy and North of the middle, but closer to Africa. Don't worry, this island is clean, but we will still take precautions considering it is close to Africa. I just can't wait...We, leave in an hour!! A lot can happen with 7 girls and 4 days, so I have my camera ready, and I am holding on tight!

See you guys next week! Until next time, Arrivederci!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

P90X with Tony Horton

The pictures are finally in! Remember when I told you guys Tony Horton was coming to Vicenza to workout with us spouses? Well, here are a few pictures from the day Tony Horton kicked my butt into high gear! It seemed as though he was doing easy stuff, but man did it hurt! It took awhile for me to get out of bed the next day, and walk down the three flights of stairs out my apartment.
This is before the torture started!
In mid-toe touch.
Erica and I after the workout. [Erica is another Chosen wife]
And finally...A picture with Tony Horton, himself.

Tony definitely helped me realize three things: [1] There are some places in my body that I ignore that I shouldn't. [2] His workouts don't require a machine and I can workout at anytime and in anyplace. [3] Also, I think his workouts will definitely help me get to my next goal in the diet program I am on!
So, everyone...Go try a P90X workout! However, beware the pain you will gain the next day!


Friday, June 11, 2010

A Girl Can Want...

Lately, I have been wanting one thing, and one thing only...A new Sterling Silver necklace.

Not something plan either; I want a unique, but pretty necklace that no one else will ever have around their neck. Is that too much to ask for?

I used to own a beautiful "R" sterling silver necklace, and I wore it EVERYDAY. The chain broke awhile back, and I have just been feeling naked without it.

I tried hinting this small gift to Gregg as an Anniversary gift, but let's just see if he remembers this little detail when it comes to be August time. Maybe I should start looking for some, and posting them up on this blog since he got my last birthday gift idea from this

Babe, I love you....hehe


Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

I am a little behind in updating, and I feel horrible for that. I have a lot fo school work to catch up on, and the a mjority of that comes first before blogging. I had a great Memorial Day weekend filled with many memories. But first, I would like to thank all the soldiers past and present for all they have done for us. Without you guys, we would not be where we are today. Craig, thanks for all you have done in Iraq. Your job has not gone unnoticed. Gregg, thanks babe for all you have done in Afghanistan. Your hard work, sacrifice, long hours, and more have made me so proud of you. I love you and please come home safe!

On Friday, a coworker decided we should go to Lucca, Italy for one night one Saturday night, and I was so game! Lucca, Italy is the place where my Italian family is from, and I was eager to see it. I have heard before that Lucca, Italy is the most beautiful place in Tuscany, and it didn't disapoint me. Here are a few pictures from the city, and there are many more on Facebook.

We stayed in this beautiful Villa called Villa Volpi, and it was tucked away in this hill looking over the city. Manuela, my coworker, and I were extremely lucky to have just fallen on this spot. This picture is a picture I took from the window of my room. The view was gorgeous and kind of surreal. I thought I was in heaven and felt relaxed.

This is part of the entrance to the villa. You can tell the owners keep up the place all the time to make sure it is always looking nice for their guests.
I got to lay out by the pool a couple of hours both days and I was able to get some sun. This was taken in the morning when no one was laying out. Doesn't it just say, "Lay on me, and enjoy a fruity drink.."? haha.

There was a restaurant attached to the villa, but we did not eat at this place because we went to downtown Lucca and enjoyed shopping and eating out there...still pretty though.

This is the entrance into Lucca, Italy. The wall is still standing today, and the only city that has most of its wall still standing. I thought that was pretty cool.

This is the famous Piazza Anfiteatro where I did a lot of my shopping, and ate dinner here in one of the side restuarants. It was gorgeous at night with all the lights lit up.
Just pretty...

After I got back from my trip, I enjoyed some time with friends at a local cherry festival. It was a nice relaxing night as well. We got to enjoy good wine, food, cherries, music, and rides. Here are a couple pictures fromt he outing.

Yummy Cherries, they were huge!
I'm purchasing my cherries...Thanks Dana for taking pictures that night!

My friend Elena also came back with her husband last night from their R&R trip. They brought me back a hand painted trivet from Istanbul, and it is absolutely beautiful. I am so thankful for friends that would do that for you. Anyways, Elena, Ben, Nicole, Lindsay, Abbi, and myself all had a night of fun. We looked at pictures fromt he couples trip, ate, shared laughs, drank wine. It was such a down to earth fun night, and I wish I could replay it all over again. I can't wait for all the boys to come home and we can all have many more nights of laughs.
Today, I am having lunch with some of the girls, having dinner with co-workers, squeezing in working out, and then highschool lock-in tonight. It will be a busy day, but all fun! Until next time, Arrivederci!