Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ten Things...I Did This Week

1. Enjoyed a day off in which I spent my time watching television and cleaning the living room.

2. Had to go to a Food Handler's Training for work, so I know now that you are not suppose to eat food out of dented cans, and I am suppose to let my food cool before putting it into the fridge.

3. I enjoyed a night with the husband laying down and listening to some Andy McKee; this guy is amazing!

4. I got back into working out; hopefully I can keep it up!

5. Did some grocery shopping, so our pantry does not look like we are starving ourselves.

6. Did a fantastic job on both of my finals! (Introduction into Counseling and Biopyschology)

7. Got to spend the day shopping for a friend's birthday gift, and walked out with a little something for myself.

8. Had some fun with my husband's friends by playing Dance Central on the Kinect (I kicked all their butts!)

9. Helped a friend get her dress altered for the military ball in which I am not going to :(

10. Went to a winery and barbeque with friends to celebrate a belated birthday!

Picture of us at my favorite winery, Villa Sceriman


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