Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Festival

At Villagio YS, we had a huge Halloween Festival and I had to work at it. It was fun; I dressed up as a nerd because I didn't want to buy a really expensive costume. Costumes prices have gotten rediculous these days!! So, I just dug around the house and got my school skirt, blouse, glasses, converses, tube socks, and sweater....I am a NERD! Lame idea, but it worked out! I got put at the tattoo table. So, all night I applied cheap pictures to kids skin. I was so tired by the end of the night that I did not even stay for the trick or treating. I happened to get one picture of me and a couple of co-workers though.

The Board

Okay, so it has been a stressful week at the Rauwolf house. On Wednesday, Gregg and I found out that he had to go to the board the next day, Thursday! What craziness is that?! Ususally you get a weeks notice to prepare yourself, but we got an afternoon. He was going to the board because he got nominated for Soldier of Month and I think that is a big deal. Gregg had to know so much information because they could ask for anything! So, that is what Gregg and I did on Wednesday night. I don't think I even got to eat dinner we were so busy and so stressed out. At this point we didn't care if he won or not, we just didn't want him to look bad.
So, here he is...studying his heart out!

Gregg ended up getting Second Place which is great!! I am so proud of him because he really did work hard at this! I think we went to bed as around 12:30 that night and then got up at five to get all dressed and there on time...We both need a nap now....multiple ones.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

CioccolandoVi: The Chocolate Festival

In downtown Vicenza this weekend there was a chocolate festival. Of course, this is every girls dream so I jumped on it immediately. There was just no question. They had about everything you could dream of. I got a couple of the choices you will see here in pictures and I also got some chocolate covered cherries and more. They also had chocolate liqour and hot chocolate which was pure yummy, but very rich. I had fun spending time with Justine, Taylor, Diaz, and Blanca. After we got done with the festival, we had to go get some salt on our taste buds, and what better way than ITALIAN PIZZA!!!
My Pizza: Prosciutto e funghi...yummy!

Palladian Villa of the Veneto

Before we got to the Chocolate festival, we stumbled across this beautiful garden and I had to take some pictures. I also got a picture of the sign that gives some history...and I can actually read it which is exciting!

So, are you ready?

If you would like to see more pictures, let me know. The rest are pretty much just me doing funny stuff with the statues...

Tuesday's List: All Things Halloweeny

Tuesday's List: All Things Halloweeny

I remember all Halloween nights ended with all of us Metaxas/Zavelli children in our own designated corners emptying our filled pillow cases into piles, sorting our favorites from the yucky and tradeable ones. If I remember correctly, I would trade Chris Milky Way bars for Hershy Bars, Sarah Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for 3 Musketeers, Katie Twizzlers for Nerds, and Melissa Blow Pops for Snickers. Yes, I would end up with all the chocolate...I was the smart one! I can't remember what the trades were for Lauren and Elena, but I do know there was trading with them as well. There were items that were just a no no for trading (we all loved them): Candy Cigarettes, Candy Necklaces, Chiclets, Fun Dip (sometimes you got that lucky), Pixy Sticks, Pop Rocks, Ring Pops, Runts, Smarties, Skittles, Sprees, Warheads, Wax Lips, and more. The adults always had there share of the caramel. None of us wanted that yuckiness back then and we wanted to give them a little something to thank them for taking us out. : )

Mom always had this huge caledron to put candy in every year. I want to find a cute one of my own and have that next year to put candy in...Oh the things I want to do, but have to slowly get. : (

The Candy I won't mind getting now: Nerds, Hershy Bars, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Twix, Gummy Bears/Worms, Junior Mints, Skittles, 3 Musketeers, and Caramel Chews...Can you tell I have gotten older?

This past weekend, Caserma Ederle (post) had a bazaar. I was so excited because that is one thing I just missed in the states. Every year in the states, they would have a fair that sold all kids of holiday stuff, and different kinds of spices for foods. I usually went with mom and the couple of things we always walked out with every year was a pine tree candle that smelled oh so good, mix to make Tortilla soup, and Apple Cider mix. So, I was definitely super excited about the one here. But oh was I ever was the lamest thing I have ever seen. I walked out with one thing and that is because I made my myself to do it. So, I get this pumpkin thing (picture below) and it cost me $22...UGH. They did not have any holiday decorations like they said they would, they had one spice table that lacked in anything good, and all the furniture was rediculously expensive! The bright side is, I got something Fall/Halloweeny to adore and put in my Tuesday's List. I also have a small candy dish that is a pumpkin..I got from Nove. Thats about it though. I don't have too many fall decorations, but next year, that will all change. Just wait!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mrs. Wolf, PLEASE!!!!

Okay, here is a post where venting is definitely going to be present. I just love how the boys always come to me and say, "Mrs. Wolf, can we please use your place to chill at, PLEASE?!!" and this also includes my husband asking. I said yes again because they all promised they would clean up before they leave! And guess what? They didn't!
Here is how they left it. However, this is better than previous times, but still...
I am actually a lot more upset with two other things. As soon as the boys decided to enter our apartment, someone dropped two full bottles of wine on my kitchen floor. It ruined my kitchen rug, my houseshoes, and someone elses shoes. It took so many paper towels to clean up the mess because I am not using my own towels and staining them. It also took him a couple of swiffer pads, and I know I am going to have to go in there today to bleach the floors. But I am going to step back, take a deep breathe, because it could happen to anyone....

This next one was completely my husbands fault. He decided to knock over a side table and a cup filled with wine went all over the wall. How do I clean this off? I guess he better get a paint brush ready! GRRR!!! I took a picture of it this morning.

Now, I need to step back again...I guess this is all really half of my fault because I was the one that said yes...I don't know how I let that, "Mrs. Wolf, PLEASE?" line break my No streak.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Friday Five

Once Again...The Friday Five! Here is the place to vent about anything that happened this week that just made you mad. Only rule is, there has to be five; no more, no less! Got it? Now GO!

{1} I have to work late nights on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday which do not give Gregg and myself time to relax together as a couple. He wanted to go out of town this weekend and I hated the fact that I had to turn him down because of work. This is stupid...

{2} Greggs car window got busted out! Nice, this is just great. I think it was the gypses trying to get in and find money or gas coupons because nothing was stolen. Not even the $500 stereo or the $600 subs in the trunk. Gregg seems to think it was kids, but who knows. I am more mad because I do not know how this is going to get fixed. In italy, you can't just go get it fixed. You have to find the specific window yourself, you have to order it yourself, and then you have to install it yourself. Gregg says he does not feel comfortable doing it by himself on his car, and I don't blame him.

{3} I went to Medieval Times but I could not enjoy myself because I was working and had to chaperone a bunch of teenagers in a place that was giving all you can drink beer. JEEZ; I had my work cut out!...Are they paying me enough?

{4} I am also angry that my gas stove loves to cut off randomly now when I am trying to cook. I have had housing come and look at it multiple times, but they swear it works fine.

{5} Why does the Army think its physically okay to have our husbands work a 13 hour shift everyday. I mean, come on, we deserve some time with them too. I know you love your guys, but you don't need to keep them at work to just stand around...SEND THEM HOME, so at least, Gregg can have a hot meal every now and then.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jessica Cash

This post is dedicated to my best friend, Jessica Cash! I miss her very much, and wish I could see her now. I would go back to the states right now, but can't with Gregg about to deploy, and I wish she could come here, but I know how hard it is to fly half way around the world. Jessica and I have probably gone through more together than anyone else I know; through: being best friends, to long lost friends, to friends again, to losing people in our lives, to gaining new ones, to spending all of our money on clothes, to drunk nights, to breakups, to love, to marriages, and much more. Jessica has been there for me and has supported me more than anyone else I know. She has given me hard advice, but it was always truthful and I thank her for that. We are both in two very different places right now, but I always take the time to think about her and wonder how she is doing. My favorite memory of mine is when we were little and we were at her old house. We began to dress up in her dress up clothes (she had a closet full...literally), and then she began to teach me the hair shake. She said the best way to fix your hair is to flip your hair over and give it a good shake and then flip it back really fast! I laugh everytime I think of that time. I also remember when I drove to Baton Rouge one weekend, and we had a girls night all to ourselves. We went and got margaritas, ordered pizza, and watched tv. I loved this night because we could just relax and totally be ourselves!! It was the small things we did as friends that made our friendship so special. I also love how our families have also come together as friends! It truely makes my life and special and I am totally grateful for everything I have been given in the world. So, to Jessica, my very very good friend. Thank you for the many years we have spent together creating memories, and I hope to have many more. Also, I can't wait to see you! Hopefully, one of us will make it work. LOVE YOU!!

This picture truely explains our

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday's List : Beauty Products

Tuesday's Lists : Beauty Products

Everyone knows I am obsessed with Mary Kay's beauty products! So, here is a list of things I use daily. Mary Kay has always been there for me, and always has my makeup looking nice and not caked on. I recommend Mary Kay to everyone!

So, here it goes....along with some other favorites!

MaryKay Pressed Powder - This stuff is similar to loose powder but does not make a mess and is inexpensive.

Mary Kay Medium Foundation - I always put this on first through the makeup process because it gives me a clean start. Say goodbye to blemishes, dark circles, etc.

Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover - Cleans amazingly without leaving your skin oily

Mary Kay Lip Gloss - Gives me a natural look but hides my cracked lips.

Mary Kay Mascara (Water Proof) - Does not go on clumpy and stays on for a very long time

Mary Kay Eyeliner - LOVE LOVE LOVE; its not a pencil, and its not liquid, its a cream in a stick. Its awesome; goes on smooth, and lasts long!

Mary Kay Bronzer - Gives me color on those oh so white days

Mary Kay Eye Shadow (Love the purples)

Mary Kay Blush

Mary Kay Velocity Face Wash and Moisterizer - Gets rid of my blackheads that I get a lot, and the moisterizer gives my face life again.

Victoria's Secret Pefume (Very Sexy) - This perfume was not my favorite to begin with, but Gregg picked it out a long time ago because he fell in love with it. Now, I can't find myself to change scents. This one has grown on me, and I wear it everyday.

O.P.I. Nail Color (Strawberry Margarita) - I think O.P.I. is every girl's favorite nail color because it stays on the longest. I have found my favorite color of all time though, and that is Strawberry Margarita. I get it everytime I get a manicure and pedicure.

Infusium 23 Shampoo and Conditioner (Colourologie) - I love these two products. They are kind of on the expensive side, but my hair always feels really clean and smells amazing. Not to mention, it takes care of my color treated hair.
Now, as for Gregg: He uses all of the Axe products: Axe Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Gel, and Deodorent. He also likes to use the Gillette Razor because it gives a close shave.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Nove Pitcher

Good Morning Everyone!
Today, I would like to show off my new pottery piece from Nove. I absolutely love the design and size this pitcher is. I bought a couple of other peieces, but they are at the barracks right now because I made food for the boys, and left it there by mistake. I will eventually get them back and show you those as well. But, how many people fancy my new pitcher? lol.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

2-503rd Batallion Ball

As you all know, last night was the Batallion Ball, and it was a blast! We got on the buses around 5 pm and took the hour long drive to Verona, Italy. We were then greeted by tables of champagne and snacks for cocktail hour. After that, we had to go through the receiving line and shake hands with all the important people. I was glad to hear the Batallion Leaders wife knew who I was. After that, we had a sit down dinner, and then dancing late into the night. If you would like to see more of the pictures, go to my facebook and look at the photos there.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Margarita Time

Margaritas! Oh how I miss you so! I need one so badly right now. I am having one of those girls weeks, and my body is breaking down more and more as the week progresses. No one here in Italy knows how to make a margarita and it makes me mad! Its too much work to make them at home. You can use the water straight from the sink. You have to boil the water, let it cool down, put them in the ice tray, let them freeze, and then crush it in the blender. By the time you are down, its just not worth it. I want the life where you can come home, and a margarita is waiting at the door for you with a man who wants to work his hands right in the upper part of my back.

Alright, come back down from day dreaming...
I know that will never happen in a million years. I am just having one of those rough days. Gregg and I are about to lay down and watch 17 Again for the first time, and hopefully that will relax me. I already went down to the Kabab stand and bought me one of helped a bit.

So, if anyone would like to FedEx me one of those nice drinks...go for it! It will be greatly appreciated! : )