Sunday, February 22, 2009

Travels Around the Home

Oh My Gosh, Where to start? First off, I want to apologize for not updating. The Internet at the house was down; and yes, it was all my fault. I do admit, it was my plucking around that got us without Internet for a week. However, it is up and running again and we are doing alright.

This week, we can say was eventful. It started off with a trip to Noventa. It is about ten minutes past our house and I nice quiet place to go and see. Some scenic places here in Italy are loud and full with people and sometimes it gets annoying. However, Noventa was very empty with people and very calming to walk around. Here are pictures with explanations:

This is the Town Hall in the city of Noventa

This is a big fountain marking the center of Noventa

This is a huge church in Noventa. We did not try and go inside because they are all usually locked

My next trip was with the girls. We went to my favorite place here in Vicenza...Monte Berico. I believe I already posted a pictures of the steps leading up to Monte Berico. On Sundays, it is known that nuns come together and walk up those steps on their knees. I think that is the coolest thing I have ever heard. Anyone who even has the willingness to walk up them are strong. I always seem to take the easy way out and drive up there. These pictures I am about to post will explain why I like this place so much. It has the best lookout view to see the whole city of Vicenza. However, I ended up going on the foggiest of days. Anyways, here they are:

Here is the church at the top of Monte Berico. We actually for the first time in my life actually got to go in the this church. I have tried so many times to see if these doors are open and that day of all days, they were. I couldn't get any pictures inside because a mass was going on, but oh my gosh, it was beautiful!

Then we decided to start walking around the garden next to Monte Berico and here is what I get myself into:

Then from Wednesday on, I ended up at the Clinic for days because I was sick. I hope I do not have to see that Clinic for a very very long time. I am now on a couple of antibiotics and hating that I am sick. My husband will be leaving tomorrow for training and all we do together is sit because I am not well enough to have fun. I hate it and wish I was well. Oh well, I guess that means bed for me all week long. I will try and update more and more as the days go by. I miss everyone and I want to make another announcement to my sister: Happy Birthday Sarah! Wish I was there to celebrate it with you! Until next time, later!

The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature. --Anne Frank

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Weekend

Friday Night:
Well, Friday night Gregg and I threw our very first house party TOGETHER! It ended up being so much fun! I made my famous Bacon Chicken. I took a picture which I will include right after this paragraph for my Dad. I actually miss my Dad's cooking; he sent me an email the other day about a dinner he made, and my mouth was watering and made me miss him even more! My best friend Justine came over that night and helped me make my master piece and she is pretty much amazing! All of us couples played Guitar Hero World Tour, Scene It DVD, and Cranium. We had so many laughs and created so many memories!

My Bacon Chicken:

My Best Friend Justine and Me Right After Cooking:

Saturday Night:
It was time to get up with a terrible headache from the night before and I had to start cleaning the kitchen and living room. However, before I could do it, Gregg crushed up a ibuprofen for me to take, and told me to go take a hot shower. When I got out, I found out he made me breakfast! Man, he is amazing! I got bacon and eggs sunny side up with melted cheese on top. YUM YUM!! After that I scooted him out of the house for a couple hours so I could clean, prepare our night together, and get cute! The setup was amazing! I am including pictures of just the setup so you can see how much of a romantic setting it was. I made spicy Cajun shrimp as an appetizer, homemade lasagna, and lemon cake for desert. Gregg loves it and could not stop bragging of how well I did. It really made me smile! We had a great night spending time inside the house together eating, drinking wine, and watching movies. We watched The Holiday, Saw V (yes, i know...saw V on valentines day?; was not my idea), and P.S. I Love You. But my holiday did not just end there; it continued on to the next day...

Saturday Night Setup:

Sunday Morning:
Gregg took me out of town somewhere I can't even remember the name of...I think it was Camisano or something like that. There was a market there and we just went walking around enjoying the Italian atmosphere. After that, he took me down to The Square in downtown Vicenza. I always love going down there. It is such a cool place to go and look at things. I am including some pictures now...

The Square:

"When I look into his eyes,
it seems all the problems in the world go away
and I'm floating in mid-air."

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Place to Relax..Well For Me.

Well Guys, Not much of a day today! I stayed home and cleaned and tried to put a few more things together. I did get to sleep in today though. I actually did not want to get up for the first time here, but I made myself around 9:30 a.m. I got tons of laundry done, but have to start slowing down because I don't have enough hangers to hold them all. I am hoping I will have the chance to go to post and buy some more. I have come to the realization though that I have tons of clothes and to tiny of a closet to have them all fit. When it comes to closets and clothes, sometimes I wish I was a boy. They have it so easy. Just throw on whatever and go. They also don't have many things like, purses, shoes, the list goes on...but, whatever! Today was a special day for Justine though. She found out what the sex of her and Taylor's baby is...It's a BOY!! Yay! Gregg and Taylor guessed correctly. I had no clue what it was going to be..I kept going back and forth, but I am so happy for them. And, I was the first person she called! Oh, it made me feel so amazing to be apart of that! Well, I decided to post pictures of the two bathrooms in our house. I am not going to be adding or rearranging in there so might as well go ahead. Gregg and I kind of have our own separate bathrooms and I love it. I do have to shower in his, but I don't have him coming in and dirtying mine..hehe. It is amazing! He also has to share his with the laundry room, but he doesn't mind. So, he it goes:


My bathroom...I call it Spa Paradise!

Now on to Gregg's Bathroom.

Alright, now you have seen both bathrooms in the Rauwolf household! lol. Well I am going to go get cleaned up and start dinner before Gregg gets home from work. I hope all yall are having a great day! And, I hope to hear from you guys soon! Love yall and Miss yall! Until next time, later.
"In a moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing to do. The worst thing you can do is nothing.” Theodore Roosevelt

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Movers, Boxes, and Friends..What Else Can I Ask For?

Hey Family and Friends,

First off, I want to apologize for not posting in awhile. Things have gotten crazy busy and by the end of the day I am extremely exhausted. I even want to apologize to my lovely sisters who I have left hanging these past couple of days. I will now recap what has gone on in the Rauwolf household. As all of you know, I got my Italian Driver's License. Therefore, Gregg and Justine took me out for the first time to teach me how to drive a stick. They both said I did really well, but the only way I can describe the experience is...interesting.

Now on Thursday morning at 7:45 a.m., the mover's came. Yes, that's what I said, the mover's came with all of Greggory and my stuff. Oh my gosh, I was the happiest girl in the world. It felt like Christmas all over again opening those boxes. The mover's got done with bringing everything in around 8:30. It didn't take them long. After they left, the box cutting began! I couldn't stop..It was soo much fun. I left a couple of boxes that I knew were Gregg's so he could share in the fun. He couldn't be there because they would not let him get off work. So, my best friend Justine came over and lent me a hand. We washed and put a lot of things away. I was so thankful I could have her...especially on this day. Her husband Taylor was coming home that night from being away for a month for training. I knew she had to get a lot of things done, but she is the best and did both! Justine and I even put some furniture together by ourselves. I am adding a couple of pictures with boxes everywhere.

Later that night, Gregg came home with a huge headache. However, it was because he needed food in his belly; its what every man "needs." So, I made us our famous spaghetti with sauce made from scratch and opened a bottle of wine. It was the greatest feeling being able to cook an amazing meal with multiple pots, eat on plates that do not bend, and silverware that do not break. After dinner, he was feeling himself again and decided to build our entertainment stand and unpack his TV, xbox, and stereo. He was grinning from ear to ear. And I was too because seeing him this happy made me happy! I seriously did not stop for one second that day. I went and went and went until late that night. Gregg told me to give it a rest and go to bed, and I did even though I didn't want to.

Friday night was the best night I have had in a long time. Taylor was back and celebrating was no question. Gregg and I headed over to Justine and Taylor's and we had fun playing Guitar Hero World Tour ALL night long. I got stuck in being the singer which I did not want to do, but it was fun! A couple of other friends came over and joined in all the fun as well. I took a million pictures this night, but sadly I am not in any of them. Sorry guys, I will get better and get some with me. Back to the post though, it was nice to finally kick back and relax with friends.
Here is Gregg playing the drums on World Tour. The song he had to play was Hotel California.

Well, not too much else I need to share. That is pretty much it. I am really trying to get the house set up so I can take pictures for you guys. And, I definitely have to get it up and running before Thursday night because Greggory and I will have our very first house guest. I hope I do a good job in preparing things for her. Oh, I am loving Italy..the scenery is what i like best. I love driving down the road and seeing old churches, restaurants, and tiny homes. Also, seeing mountains, hills, and big blue skies are amazing as well. However, there are a couple of things I do miss in the states and that is having all the foods you like at easy access and better driver's. Yes, I said it, people in the states DO drive better than those here. Some of my favorite places to eat that I miss are: O'Charley's, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Johnny Brusco's. If anyone can find a way to FedEx that to me, you would be my bestest friend in the whole wide world. Well, I guess I need to go, I have another bookshelf to build. Until next time, later.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One Step Closer

Hey Everyone,

Today was a very productive day! We'll at least I thought it was! I had to get up extra early today..not by choice to go and take my Italian driver's test. Happy to say I passed with flying colors. I did not miss one question and I finally have a one up on Gregg. Sadly, that is hard to find, so I am definitely celebrating it. Now that I have my driver's license, I am starting to feel more apart of this whole Italian lifestyle. I know it sounds corny, but now I can start relying on myself. However, I now have to learn how to drive a stick. Gregg bought me a small beat up Italian car that is a stick. For your information, all Italian cars are sticks and I have never been in the driver's seat of one. The car is really sad, but it gets me from point A to point B. I am worried that one of these days, it is going to break down on me. The car is in the shop right now getting worked on, but when it gets out. I will definitely have to post pictures so we all can laugh. Anyways, here is a picture of me and my officially Italian drivers license that I am now a proud owner of: I am sure I made mother proud!
After that, Justine and I did what we do almost every week day..we went to the gym to workout. However, I could only do 20 minutes on the elliptical which is a bit of a disappointment, but at least I got on. Today was a little harder getting into the swing of working out. Maybe it was my too much fun weekend that I did not want to see end. I do love working out with Justine though. We seem to have our vent session through that time, and it makes me push through my legs just a little harder...and the time goes by so much faster.
While I was working out, I got a daily text message from Gregg asking to have lunch with me and Justine. We were really hoping he did not say Burger King, and he didn't...FINALLY!! We actually ended up having lunch with a couple of good friends: Justine, Turner, and Hanna. It was a fun group we had going. After lunch, Gregg, Justine, Turner, and I went on a little shopping spree before Gregg had to go back to work. I was sooo happy about this part. We got a huge khaki color rug for our living room floor, curtains also for the living room, small rugs for kitchen and bathroom, and a large candle. It seems like a little, but it was enough to make me smile and have the home one step closer to feeling cozy.

After Gregg went back to work, I had to do my wife duties and go grocery shopping. I find grocery shopping fun, but stressful at the same time. Sometimes I worry about money and also if I will forget something which I did even though I had a list. Oh well! When Gregg got home, he noticed I had placed all our things in their places and he complimented my decorating skills. He said, "Wow, it's looking good in here. You really know what you are doing!" YAY!! After that he got going on his favorite pastime and that is World of Warcraft. I happened to get a picture of his backside without him
After he had dinner, desert, and a massive foot rub, he is now passed out on the couch looking so cute! You could tell he had a productive day as well! I am so glad we were able to spend a lot more time together than usual on a work day. Hopefully there are many more of these! So, now that he is asleep, I found this was a good time to update my blog. So, to bring my whole day wrapped up in my title, I got a lot done in a day to have this home ready to open to the public and call myself a a true Italian resident...if that makes any Oh guys, please keep your emails coming. We enjoy reading them more than you like to talk about yourself. I have gotten plenty in the past, but they have slowly died down..Why? Start your fingers back up and get to's not hard. Love you all, and hope to hear from you soon. Until next time, later.

Monday, February 2, 2009

New to this "Blog World"

Hello Family and Friends,

I decided to do this "Family Blog" thing because Gregg and I moved so far away and want to keep in touch with everyone back home. Please be patient with me while I try and figure this thing out. So far, Gregg and I have finally made it to the same city where we call home now..Vicenza, Italy. It has taken us a pretty bumpy and windy road to get here, but it was all worth it in the end, and I would do it all over again if I had to. We are living in the ole Italian country due to Gregg's job. He works for the U.S. Army and stays very very busy. Right now he just got done with weeks worth of training and he can feel it in his whole entire body. Right now, I am a SAH (Stay At Home) wife trying to get our place looking somewhat like home to us. We live on the second floor of a nice building in Apt. #3. It has open floor plan through the living room and kitchen with a balcony that overlooks an amazing Italian mansion home. Also, we have a very nice size guest room for anyone that decides to roll over on this side of the world and need a place to crash. Gregg and my bedroom is very nice. The size is ridiculous for a first time family and also has its on balcony looking at a large piece of land that is very calming to wake up to in the morning. Luckily, Gregg and I were blessed with two bathrooms in which we both took control of both. My bathroom has a huge bath tub fit for two and the best words I can think of to describe it paradise. Gregg's bathroom is definitely fit for a man. It holds his deep sink and shower. His bathroom also holds our washer and dryer which is amazing to find in an Italian home. Right now, the house looks like a man's fraternity house because we are still waiting on our household goods to arrive. So tonight, I will be doing the same thing I have been doing. Cooking with one pot, eating on paper plates, and sleeping on a tiny mattress. It sounds horrible now, but it will all be worthwhile when our stuff gets here and I can start adding my girly touch to everything. Well, Gregg will be getting home from work in the next thirty minutes, so I might as well start cooking dinner. Until next time, later.

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore.Dream. Discover"-- MARK TWAIN