Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More of the Home

The Entry Way

This is the entry way; A big part of my to do list while Gregg was gone on this last training rotation. There are still a couple more things I would like to ad, but I thought I would go ahead and post what it looks like now. Before Gregg left, this area was empty except for the big picture. Gregg and I picked out that picture together, and seriously, it was the only piece of art we could agree on.In this picture (wall to the right), I bought two baskets for organizing/taking up wall space! I put these orange things in there for right now because I couldn't find a floral arrangement that looked right so far. I like the idea of putting mail in there!

In this picture (wall to the left), are pictures of our wedding and our shelf for keys, GPS, and other things. If anyone wants to know, that phone is to talk to people downstairs and to buzz them into the building! I want to eventually get a bench to put under the pictures for Gregg to take his boots off at. I am tired of dirt being tracked through the house!!

And, here is a close up of the main focus. We bought the art at IKEA, I got the lamps at the PX, and I got the dresser from a random family for only $30!! What a STEAL!! It came with a detachable mirror that I would like to hang on the wall next to the baskets, but I have to find a safe way of hanging it first...It is WAY HEAVY!! I am still in the process of purchasing a rug for the entry way. I saw one online I love, but can't purchase it until September is passed because we are saving up for Oktoberfest!! Yes, we are going and I am totally stoked!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Little Bit of Home

The Kitchen

Go Karts!

Well, here I go being the only wife to take the challenge in going go kart racing with the boys. Yes, I did it. I might have been the slowest, but I was definately the bravest to get on the track with wild boys! I only went once, but all the boys went twice. And for your information, these weren't like the little go karts you go on at putt putt, they go 40 mph and have some crazy turns! I got a few videos, and I will post the shortest one because videos take forever to upload on here!

Babysitting Logan

Gregg and I got the chance to babysit Logan one afternoon, and of course, Gregg was a Logan hog. He had him the ENTIRE time except for the one diaper change he refused to take care of. I managed to get a picture and a short video of them together, but Gregg would kill me if he found out I put the video on here...So, just a picture!


Well, I went windsurfing with the youth summer program and I had a blast! It was extremely hard, but I did very well. The water was freezing, but once you got out there and started to go, you sort of forget. I did not get many pictures because my camera is not waterproof and all of us went out at the same time. We first went to a 30 minute class to learn how t windsurf and then we got two mornings to test what we were taught. I was awesome. These are the few pictures I could get:

For Fun!

First and ONLY shot of the summer!!