Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday's List: Christmas Wish List

Oh, Christmas is just around the corner and I am already starting to prepare! Jessica, over at Love From Texas, has started back up with Tuesday's List...and more than likely, she probably knows just how excited I am about it. This topic actually came at a good time because I am trying to figure out things I would like for myself this year, what to get the husband, and what the family is getting. I am having a tough time this year because I truly want to do something different, but I don't know what...So, I'll probably be looking at other compulsive list makers to see what they have come up with for their wish list!

{1} The Silhouette
Now, this is more for dreaming really, but I could do so many things with this machine. I would end up with some cute gifts for friends and family! KevinandAmanda.com just finished giving this bad boy away, and even though I didn't get it, I still had fun drooling over it!

I mean, look at all the fun/cool things you can do with this machine...
scrapbooking, card making, banners...

you can add vinyl to just about anything...totally got the inner OCD in me rolling.

you can even add stuff on glass...that is just absolutely amazing!!

{2} "Red" Kitchen Aid Mixer
I know I already have a hand held mixer and I love it, but I always drool anytime I see this beautiful machine. I think everyone secretly wants one of these in their house. If I ever ended up with one, I probably would always leave it out so other's can just stare at it in envy...haha

{3} Brother Embroidery Sewing Machine
I absolutely want this under the tree this year. I have always thought about getting one, and now that I see all my crafty friends creating cute items, I just can't take it anymore. I don't care what anyone says...this one is in the basket!
Oh, but if I get it, that means a little craft desk is in order!
{4} Gift card to Home Depot/Lowe's
Now, on to more practical things...I would really appreciate a giftcard to Home Depot or Lowe's this year. Since Gregg and I plan on leaving the military to begin our civilian life, I believe we will need this most definitely. It would most likely go to paint if I have a say in the matter, but it could also go towards a new refridgerator, new washer/dryer, or any home improvements that might be needed. I think this would come in handy, and something my husband would be okay with recieving as well!

{5} Willow Tree Nativity Set
I would also like this to enter the house this Christmas. The host of Tuesday's List got one last Christmas and I have been jealous ever since. I am a lover of the Willow Tree collectables and would appreciate this item very much!

{6} Anything from Kirkland's, Garden Ridge, or Hobby Lobby
Like I said before, Gregg and I will finally have a place to call our's, and I want to be able to make it comfortable and inviting. We don't have too much home decor, so I am in need of it desperately. Some items could include: pillows, candle holders, fillers, rugs, side tables, shelves, etc.

Now on to Gregg's List...
If I was to ask him right now, he would probably state this exactly, "I don't know, you pick."
Oh jeez that man!
Well, he would be more than happy with a giftcard to Home Depot, Lowe's, AutoSkills, or Best Buy. He could always use new tools, items for his car, power tools...things like that!

Now, these are ideas that popped into my head today for this post. I will probably add more in the future, but I will let you know when that happens!

Top 2 Tuesday: Songs

This week, Taylor from The Undomestic Momma is saying this weeks Top 2 is Songs! I don't really have favorite songs because I really just think there are so many to love, but I post two that I don't mind hearing over and over again!
I can't get enough of SHINEDOWN-Second Chance! This song is one if my favorites that this band has on their Cd. I could listen to it for hours and won't ever get tired of it.

I also love Natasha Bedingfield's song Unwritten. Ever since it came out, it has been one of my all time favorite car songs to listen to it. It works perfectly for a sunny, rainy, or roadtrip kind of day.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time for a Catch Up!

Okay, so I know it has been awhile since I have given a good update, and honestly...I just don't remember what happened yesterday! So, I will try my best to let you know what has been going on.

As you all know, I am back at work with more hours than I want, but I guess it brings in more money. And school is still continuing with midterms coming up next week...eek!

Gregg got asked to be in one of the memorial's we had here in Vicenza to honor the four soldiers that were recently killed in Afghanistan. Don't worry, we didn't know any of them, but it still makes you kind of cringe at the thought of it happening. Gregg was a part of the firing squad (The soldiers that shot those three rounds at the end of the service). He asked me if I wanted to go, but I kindly refused and he respectfully understood. I have been to one military memorial in my lifetime and I seriously hope it will be my only. These things are just too darn hard to go through. Also, when Gregg asked, I responded with, "Babe, I'm sorry, but you are a part of the group I hate during memorials." The shots being fired are just a hard realization that its your final goodbye. But most of all, I do not have the strength when its time for roll call. It will literally bring tears to the strongest of eyes, and Gregg agrees with me.

It was cool to know that my husband got to be a part of something so special in the military community as well. He trained for it for a week, and he told me he did great when it was his time to act. He even got another coin to add to his collection. This one was from a 3 star...oh, I don't remember rank...oh well. We also got his Class A's all done with his NEW rank on them. Oh man, he looked good! I think this will actually be the last time I will ever see my husband in his Class A's ever again. Unless I talk him into taking me to the military ball in January (thats some tough persuading though).
Snapshot of him getting ready
My man in uniform...check out that rank; SGT Rauwolf!

I had the perfect day yesterday, and I would love to fill you guys in on it. I woke up bored to death, so I called up my best friend Justine and asked her if she and her little boy would like to walk a couple blocks to grab a kabob for lunch. The weather was just perfect; enough for jeans and a long sleeve shirt. The kabob was so ever delicious and Logan (Justine's son) got to eat his first kabob...oh, he loved it! After we got done eating, we decided a little shopping trip was a must. So, we walked back to our houses, and jumped into the car. We went to the "little" mall because the other one just get a little overwhelming with the crowds.
We put Logan on a ride, and he just didn't know what to think about it!
I happened to walk out with a couple long sleeves and this: Kiko Makeup!!
I have truly fallen in love with this stuff. It is the Italian version of Mac makeup, but better! It is made in Milan and truly has the coverage and feeling I need. The price is also really nice! I will have to stock up on this before I leave to move back to the states because I am starting to swear by it! This is the first time I have SPF in my foundation, and I am regretting not ever having it in other's before. I hope this stuff eventually makes its way to the states!
Also, one day I was watching the Dr. Oz show and they were talking about aging in your 30s, 40s, and 50s. It was a very interesting episode, and it definitely got me worried about wrinkles. I know its natural, but I still went out and bought anti-aging cream. I know, I know...I am still as young as can be and really don't need the stuff, but what could it hurt. I want to start early before anything starts forming on the face. I have used the stuff for two nights now, and I am really liking it. I like the time I give myself before I head to bed, and knowing that I have stuff working to keep me young is a plus.
Anyways, later that night after shopping, I came back and started cleaning the house. I noticed my friend Justine working hard on hers lately, so it got me motivated to clean mine. And this is not just a little walk through pick up...this is a deep clean!
After about two hours of cleaning, Gregg and I went out on a date. We went back to our same ole place; the waterwheel. At first, I was not happy we were going back to this place because I was just getting tired of the same ole stuff, but I actually enjoyed myself this time. I got something very different on the menu, and it was delicious! Later, we just came back to watch a movie...plain, but I love it!
Today, I have tried to finish the cleaning which is still no where near done. It seems like the more I clean, the more and more I want to clean more....this is good, right? Well anyways, now I am just trying to finish this math exam that is due in an hour and catching up with old friends. It has truly been an eventful weekend!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's That Time

Well, we are getting close to the end of the year, and you know what that means...Christmas is just around the corner! This year I would like to start it off early by picking up presents now. This will help me in two ways...I will have everything done and not feel rushed and Gregg and I won't worry about spending money when it comes to be that time to send out packages.

There is just one little problem? What do I get everyone this year? I am at a loss on gifts...Do I go for a traditional Italian gift? Go for something fun? Or do I just ask what they really need and get it?

For myself this Christmas, I want household goods. I usually am selfish in wanting more makeup, jewelry, or other odds and ends, but this year I would really like some stuff for the house. Now, that we are getting close to moving back home, I want to make sure we have things avaiable to us in the new home. Some of those things include: pillows, candle sticks, artwork, baskets, and more. I need the fillers. I would love to put furniture/appliances on that list for Christmas, but who in there right mind would get us that. Maybe I should send out a wish list to family members? lol

What are you getting your parents and/or siblings for Christmas this year? Please share your ideas so I can steal! : )

Friday, September 24, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

Join in at Wife of a Sailor!

1. What characteristic about yourself has either been strengthened or weakened due to your experience as a Military Spouse?
I used to love planning and being organized, and I guess I will always carry that with me at some point, but I have learned that I must go with the flow, I must let plans be changed, and I must wait forever for things to happen. Its not something I enjoy doing, but I have learned that these things are now my life.

2. What is your favorite vacation spot and why?
Even though this was just recent, I would have to say Barcelona, Spain. It was truly my favorite trip I have ever taken because my husband and I got to spend time together and do a lot of fun things. I would recommend that spot to everyone looking for a European trip.

3. If you could have any fast-food restaurant in the food court on base/post what would you pick?
Oh that would be a toss-up between Chick-fil-A and Manchuwok (sp?). I absolutely love Chick-fil-a so I would eat there almost everyday until I got fat. And I could use a Chinese/Japenese place over here anyday...that is something I truly miss being over here in Italy.

4. Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Um, we really didn’t have a honeymoon. We went to Vicenza, Italy (where Gregg was stationed at) to live for a couple of years. So, I guess you can count us living here and traveling around the city as our honeymoon.

5. If you could have any job in the world regardless of money, degree or experience, which job would you have and why?
I would be an optometrist. It has always been my dream job, but I know I could never get the Chemistry down for it or get into Optometry school because it is so demanding of you. I find the eye so interesting, and looking at everday would be even cooler!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dancing with the Stars

I absolutely enjoy Dancing with the Stars; I think its because I always wished I could have a dance partner I could dance amazing dances with. So, I was a little more than excited to see that the season was starting this week. The only down side about it is, since I am in Italy, I see it a day later than everyone in the states. For instance, you guys get to watch it on Monday and Tuesday while I watch it on Tuesday and Wednesday. The reason I don't like this is because Yahoo likes to announce who gets kicked off on their main page along with announcements people make on their FaceBook statuses. Oh well though, I still enjoy watching.

So, I really didn't know who the stars were going to be this season, but I am somewhat happy with their choices this time around. Also, I was more than pleased to see one paticular person....Jennifer Grey!! I fell in love with her the first time I ever watched Dirty Dancing and it has become one of my all time favorite old movies.

On the first debut show, the couple danced to a song that Jennifer and Patrick danced to previously on the movie. It brought tears to Jennifer, fans, and myself. I just could not help it...It was truly heaven to watch. Hopefully, she will be on for multiple weeks and I can watch many more dances. Good Luck Jennifer; I can't wait to see more!

Top 2 Tuesday: Hair Products

Now, I don't use hair products all that much. Not because I don't like them, more because I don't know what works best for me. My hair is thin and plain. I never know what I could use and how to use it. So, my Top 2 for this week are very lame, but bare with me. I will be looking at what other people post so I can hopefully get steal some secrets people have been hiding. Anyways, here it goes...

{1} Got 2b Glued Hairspray
I have always wanted to find a good hairspray, and ladies, I have got it! My friend Justine recommended this hair spray to me sometime last year and I have not used anything else since. It does everything I basically needed it to do. It helps with my teasing, it holds my hair in place like its literally been glued down, and it doesn't leave that icky residue like other hairsprays leave. Sadly, I can't find this at our PX here in Italy, so I usually stock up when I am in the states. You can definitely find it at Walmart, but I don't know about other places...really haven't looked. It retails for 6.99 a can.

{2} Dove Shampoo and Conditioner Color Repair

I love me some Dove! I think its because I know its soft and won't damage my hair. I also dye my hair a couple times a year, and this truly does help bring the color back to life. On one occasion, I hadn't dyed my hair in four months (I get the one that eventually fades out) and I used this shampoo. Everyone thought I had colored my hair again when I didn't. I was clicking my heels because I just saved money on not buying color...I just had to buy the shampoo and conditioner.
Alright, well there you have it...my hair Top 2 Hair Products. Now, you should get to it so I can steal your Top 2!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jumping into Fall

Now that we are officially in the Fall season with temperatures in the 60s, the fall scents are now being brought out, the baking is beginning, and the sweater's are being pulled out. Although, I can't stand the cold weather, I love everything else this season has to offer. Just today, I was telling Gregg how much I wish we had a fireplace to start burning wood.

It has been quite busy around here lately, and I have feeling its not going to stop anytime soon. I have gone back to work, and although its nice to see the paychecks every two weeks, I am still not enjoying myself quite like I use to. However, their are more kids coming into the center lately and they always seem to brighten my day. I love when the teens come to me for advice, want to hang out with ME, or teach me the "cool" way on how to dress, talk, etc. The other day though, I was told I am old. What? Old? I didn't know 22 is now the old school age. I got told this after I used the word "Fail" when a teen messed up. Apparently, I can't say that because I am just too old. I'm telling you...Kids say the darnest things.

School is still in action and I am liking this session a little bit more now because I can get all my homework done within 5 hours rather than the 10 hours I was having to do in other classes. I got a 100 on my first math quiz, and hopefully that happens everytime. Social Psychology has also becoming a little fun as well.

Gregg's footlocker's came in from Afghanistan. He had two presents in there for me and I was more than pleased to recieve them. He had all the season's to Grey's Anatomy for me which I loved to watch when I was in the states. I got lost when I came over to Italy because they didn't offer that show over here. So, now I am able to catch up! He also got me a complete set of ALL the Disney movies! That's right, more than 150 Disney movies all for me. Stating that I am just a bit stoked is probably an understatement. So, ever since, I have been watching them and will continue to watch them. So far, I have watched these three:
Gregg watched Homeward Bound with me because it seemed like such an oldie, but goodie. However, we didn't realize how sad of movie it really is until now. As a child, I don't remember crying or feeling sad for the character's in it, but Gregg and I both agreed that this truely is a sad movie!

Nothing else new around here, next week we go to take care of our car purchasing. I will post a picture of the car once it is finalized so we don't get our hopes up. We are both very excited about it, and hope it all works out! Until next time, later.

Friday, September 17, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In and Giveaway Announcement

Join in at Wife of a Sailor

1. How do you spend your deployment money, do you save, pay off bills or enjoy the extra money while it is there to buy the things you do not normally have? (from Troop Petrie)
We try to save as much as we can with deployment money, but our top priority is paying off any bills we might have at the time. In this deployment, we have finally made it to the point where we do not have any debt. YAY!

2. If you could relive one occasion or moment, what would it be? (from Currently On Land)
I would probably say, the day I met Gregg up on his Graduation day. It was the best, insane feeling ever seeing him for the first time in awhile. Also, that was the day I fell in love. Ah, I just get chills thinking about it.

3. What’s the worst job you ever had and if it was so bad why did you take it? (from Faith and Deploying)
My worst job would probably working at Movie Gallery. I needed a summer job, and I wanted something close to home. It was a very stressful place with a lot of back stabbing people. I can't work under those circumstances, and had to get out after three months.

4. If you could play any character on TV, who would you be? (from Many Waters)
I would probably say Charlotte on Sex and the City. She is a lot like me personality wise and I think it would be fun to know what it is like living in a high class apartment, dress great, and have three close friends you couldn't lie without...Sounds amazing, huh?

5. If you could become the world’s expert in something, what would it be? (from Army of Two)
It would be on how to make money fast, easy, safe, and legal. Therefore, Gregg and I would never have to stress about things in the future. We will always have what we need.

Also, you should jump over to The Undomestic Momma to enter into a great giveaway! She is giving away an outfit from ALO! It's fantastic, and I am pretty excited about it...Hope you or I WIN!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can You Ever Be Debt Free?

This is going to be more of a venting post more than anything..sorry about that. First off, school has finally kicked me in the butt. I know you have heard me complain about school before, but it has officially gone way over my head. I think its because I have gone nonstop since January. I start two classes, go for ten weeks, and then start right into two new classes. I don't even get a week worth of a break..no summer break as well. The classes I am taking right now is Algebra and Social Psychology. You want to know the sad part? I am doing better in Social Pscyhology than I am in Algebra. I have not taken a math class in about 4 years and it seems like I have forgotten everything. Luckily, Gregg was able to help me somewhat on some homework I had due this past Sunday. In Social Psychology, I have no clue whats going on; however, I seem to ramble on about stuff I think doesn't make sense, and it always seems to be right. I get a good job from the professor everytime! (So, thats good news)

Since Gregg came home, I have spent a lot of time with him and I don't regret one bit with him. I have a lot of fun, and it seems like we are closer than ever now. The only downside is that my friends here don't talk to me anymore or invite me out. It gets kind of awkward seeing them around, and I don't want to let it bug me but it does. I can't help that I want to be with him after 8 1/2 months of no physical contact. I wish they would understand, and start acknowledging I am still here. However, I do have Justine who will always be here for me no matter what, and I love her. I guess she is my true friend, and I am forever thankful!

On Thursday, Gregg's car got messed up. The engine got flooded and now sounds horrible and undriveable...UGH! So, this means we have to get a new car. Now, one would be pretty excited about a new car, right? But no, I am not. Gregg and I got out of debt earlier this year from the wedding we paid for and the trailblazer we bought a couple years ago. We were so excited to finally get a break and start saving for our future of moving back to the states. Now, we have to purchase a car which we did not expect to be doing. Its a very frustrating process, and its something Gregg and I both do not want to do, but have to. The question is...do we settle for a cheap thing over here and sell it before we move and buy a car when we get to the states or buy a decent car now we can ship back? Oh, the decisions, the decisions...

It seems like you can never be debt free in our society. Something is always calling on us for us to have credit cards, loans, and more. I was hoping not to have something like those to pay off for awhile (at least two years or more). I guess this just delays the process of Gregg and I actually settling down into a house and starting a family....so, what are we on now; 6 to 8 years until a family? We want to be debt free or somewhat close to it when it comes down to getting a mortgage and having kids. Hopefully, we will have a couple prayer's answered and that debt problem won't come back into our lives. Please, let's hope...

On to good news...
Letters to Juliet finally came out over here, and I am excited to FINALLY see it! I have been waiting and waiting, and its here! So, bring on the comfy bed, the pop corn, and the cuddling because its going to be a good night! (Sad thing is, the hubby has already seen it...Boo!)

Also, the illness I had recently is about all cleared up. I still have one days worth of antibiotics to take and then I am all done...thank goodness!! I hope no one ever gets what I went through...NIGHTMARE!

I have been looking at my hair lately, and it has become sort of a drag. I want to get it cut, but I can't decide if I should cut it short again or just cut out the yucky layers I have? What do yout think?

Okay, I am going to go do some house chores...they are desperately needing to be done. I don't want to though...Until next time, later!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hey Babe, Can We Just Move to Barcelona?

Let me just start off saying; if anyone plans on making any kind of trip to Europe, they should choose Barcelona, Spain. It is the most exciting place I have ever been to. It was even better than Italy when I first arrived here. Barcelona was on my list for one of the top places I wanted I wanted to visit while I was over here, and it did everything, but disappoint. Gregg and I decided it should be the last trip we make while we are over here, but the excitement it created for the both us makes us want to take on more places. Next stop....Ireland!

The trip started with us arriving in Barcelona late at night, and arriving at our hotel at 2 a.m. We stayed at a place called Hotel Call. It was a very cheap and very sparce in what they offer kind of hotel. We decided to get a cheap place because we wanted to spend more money on activities and we were only going to be there to shower and sleep. The hotel room was very white with nothing on the walls and white sheeted beds. It seemed more like a prison cell, but the staff made up for it! They were just delightful and more than helpful. The second we checked in, they handed us a map and showed us the top spots to go to, how to get there, and recommended more. This hotel will be getting a great review from me due to the staff.

The first morning, we decided to head out and start with some Spanish breakfeast. The meal was quite different, but was still yum. In Spain, they cook everything in iron skillets and serve it to you in that dish. This morning, we had a egg cooked with yummy vegtables, such as, tomato, mushrooms, asparagus, and sausages. After the meal, we started our walking journey. Our first sight seeing spot was the Saint Maria Basilica. We happened to stumble across this stop on our way to the Gothic Cathedral. Anyways, here is a picture of the outside:

After the Bascilia, we ended up walking to Port Vell. The water was so close to where we were staying that we had to see how the Mediterian Sea looked. It was beautiful, and I loved admiring all of the boats that looked like old Pirate Ships, and the yahts that looked like they were worth a million bucks. While we were on the port, we made a last minute decision to see the Aquarium there. We both love aquariums, so it was a plus...especially since this one was a Mediterrian themed one.

Next stop was the Gothic Cathdral! This was one of the highlights of my trip. It was close to the top on things to do in Barcelona. I have never seen this kind of architecture before, so I was pretty excited. Gregg has seen the Gothic Cathedral in Milan. He said the one in Milan is much more bigger than Barcelona, but the inside of Barcelona's cathedral was much more admiring. Even though Gregg is not as religious as I am, I love that he respects my faith and will take the long tour throughout the building. I even get excited when he points out things he likes, and when he asks questions. He liked the gold replica of the cathedral they show cased, one old painting from the 1700s they had hanging, and the choir section they built. I loved the crucifix this cathdral held. I don't quite understand why some churches have to beautify the crucifix when it is suppose to give you the impression of Jesus dying on the cross. I like the old look they give him.
Do you want to see what we had for lunch today? It was pretty yummy...I think I am going to try and look up how to make this. However, I will have to find an iron skillet first.

Next stop, Placa de Espana. This area was on a hill that overlooked the entire city of Barcelona! This is always my favorite thing to do because it is always so breathtaking, and very romantic. Once Gregg and I made it up the hill, we enjoyed a delicious lemon drink while sitting and staring out to the view that sat in front of us. It was a very peaceful time in our day to relax and admire our surroundings.

Off to the side of this hill was the Olympic grounds Barcelona held in 1988. This was Gregg's favorite part of the trip. He enjoyed walking the grounds; I think its because its an athletic thing that link's a man. We did a lot of just hanging out right here because it was such a thankful experience to be able to be where we were standing. After we admire the area, we walked around in the park next to it just talking. We talked forever...I think this trip actually brought Gregg and I a lot closer.
I liked the picture of him looking out at it more than the one where he is looking at me..

After walking around all day, we decided to head back to the hotel to shower up and recouperate from earlier. All the walking caused my feet to swell up pretty bad. It actually looked pretty disgusting. Also, Gregg's hands got swollen pretty bad to wear he couldn't take off his wedding ring. After getting all dressed up, we made our way to the Square on La Rambla. La Rambla is a famous street in Barcelona that is filled with many shops, resturants, activities, and more. (I'll show a couple of pictures of it later on in the post.) We were headed to the Square for one reason and one reason only...The Hard Rock Cafe! I don't know if you guys have noticed in previous posts, but Gregg and I are so tired of Europe. We can't wait to get back to the states. Therefore, the Hard Rock was the closest thing to the states we can get to. The wait was not too long, and we had a delicious meal. I got to have my first margarita in a very long time, and it was gone within 5 minutes! Our appetizer was a delicious plate of loaded nachos...add the barbeque pork! Then Gregg devoured his Steak, mashed potatoes, and caesar salad while I enjoyed my steaming fajitas. We were miserably stuffed when we were done, but it was totally worth it! We love the Hard Rock so much that we couldn't leave until we bought ourselves a Hard Rock Barcelona shirt.

Once we were done eating, we decided to head down to Port Olympic because the hotel staff mentioned that this is the place where the party is held. While we were there, we went into their Casino. It was the most fancy casino I have ever been into, and the bets were very high. Thousands of dollars were being bet on one table...it was crazy! Gregg has never played in a casino, so we took full advantage of this place. He decided his game would Black Jack! He came in with 50 euro and walked out with 85 euro. It was a great first time for him. The rest of the time was spent at a lively bar on the beach. It played loud club music, while everyone sipped on fancy cocktails. I had my traditional cosmopolitans while Gregg had his usual Jack and Coke. The rest of the time was spent with us flirting back and forth. I felt like we went back in time to our first couple of months together...and believe me, the blushing was constant.

Next morning, we slept in pretty late (noon), but got a wake up call from the hotel. Apparently, someone had run the water too long and it ruined their pipes so we had to move to another room. (Ahem...I am mainly putting this next comment in here for my own benefit; way to go Gregg! LOL!) Once we were done with that, we headed out to La Rambla. We had lunch (Gregg had octopus and I had lamb...both so good!) and then spent the morning walking and shopping. After a couple of hours after that, we ended up in a bar call The Traveler's Bar. This was an AMAZING down to earth bar. We had the best time sitting and joking around with the bartender and the staff. It was so good that we ended up spending 7 hours total there! We tried new drinks, enjoyed favorites, munched on calamari and olives, and more. The bartender was from Ireland, so he gave us some good advice on our next trip. Our favorite waitress was from Madrid and so lively...Once we were done, more shopping on La Rambla! We wanted to go to a Falmenco show on this night, but didn't quite make it. (I was upset, but wasn't dying). To end this night, I am going to leave another word for myself to remember later on that nobody else would understand except for Gregg and myself...Lawn chairs!

Waking up to our last day in Barcelona, we both did not want to leave. We went for breakfeast and then Gregg went and got a tattoo. He has been wanting one to dedicate to his 13 friends that were killed during deployment in Afghanistan. He got one that resembled the evil that was held during that time with the angelic life they get to live right now. He titled his tattoo Broken Promise which is also the title of the song he wrote about them as well. Note: I am not totally loving the picture of it, but it is something he wanted that represented his bond with them. Therefore, I kept my mouth closed the entire time. If you would like to see it, it is posted on his Facebook. I feel like it is something I should not post here on the blog.

So, Gregg and I both state that this trip has been the best one we have ever been on. Nothing disappointed us at all. We will forever remember this weekend, and hope one day to come back with friends! And like I said before, planning any trip to Europe....Go to Barcelona, Spain!!
"The World Is A Book, And Those That Don't Travel Have Only Read One Page"